Q - Why do you collect email addresses, city & state, and birth dates here?
A - You will use your email to sign in. City and state so you can connect with people in your area and have an idea of who you're taking to. Birthdates are so the site will sent you a birthday wish, and to keep kids out. Your information is used for no other purpose other than to send you a news letter now and then.

Q - How do I change my profile/cover photos?
A - When you go to your profile, you will see a camera icon on both the profile picture and cover photos. Click the icon, select an image from your device and upload it.

Q - I tried sharing a FB link on here and it won't work.
A - FB blocks the sue of their direct links. If it's a photo, right click the photo, select "Save Image As" to save it to your device. You can then upload it to the site.

Q - I am getting to many emails from the website. How can I stop or slow them down?
A -
At the top right of the site, click the drop down arrow next to your prfile pic. Gp tp "Privacy Settings". Click "Email Notifications" on the menu. You can click to turn on or off notifications for certains functions.

Q - Why do I see posts from everyone, and not just my friends?
A - Currently, the site is set to Public. This gives eveyone a chance to see how it works, and to add people to their friends list. Once there's a bunch of people, or drama begins, I'll change the site to friends only.  When that happens, you'll only see what your friends post.

Q - What's up with the Amazon links?
A - If people use our links to go to Amazon and shop, the website will receive a small commission of 4%. This does not get added to your order.  This site is expensive to set up and run so hopefully I can break even in time. The software license alone is $539, the chat software I will soon purchase is $125, and the server is $44 per month. Any additional features I purchase called "Plugins" or "Apps" will also have a cost which varies.  So hopefully, people will like the site and click our links to shop. Thanks!

Q -  How do the different sections work?
A -  Photos, Music, Groups, Blogs, etc all work basically the same way. In each section you will see a green circle ith a + sign in it. Click that to upload photos, start a blog or forum post, create a page or group, etc. 

Q - Can I use the Marketplace?
A - Yes. You can advertise in there. If you ware going to sell things to be shipped, the website uses Paypal as a payment processor so you will need a Paypal account. In your account settings you can add your Paypal address. You can also tell people in your item description to contact you to work out another method of payment.

Q - Categories for Photos, Forums, Blogs, etc.
A - Reply to this thread and let me know what category you'd like me to set up and I'll get it done as soon as I see the post. I've chosen to do it myself in order to keep the site more secure.


If you have another question I haven't thought of yet, please reply to this thread and I'll answer it as soon as I see it :) Thanks!

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