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Byron Brunson

Male. Lives in High Springs, Florida, United States. Born on October 4, 1954.
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Retired Miami Dade County Supervisor 31 years, Master Mason, Past Master South Miami Lodge #308, 18t... View More
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Byron Brunson
does anyone know a computer / networking company, i need ubiquiti station nano5's installed. way over my head to do this im in the gainesville area
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Byron Brunson
Critical Race Theory Can we clear up a lot of confusion regarding America and the radical left's concept of Critical Race Theory, it has gotten way out of control. To begin, slavery was a way of life ... View More
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Keith Gracely
Byron, If you don't mind me asking, Where's your source on this? I can't seem to find one. Just want to do my own due diligence.
Like June 16, 2021
Byron Brunson
I got it from a friend dont know where he got it. check the name frank d lovell he is the writer of it.
Like June 17, 2021
Keith Gracely
I did google the name, and he was supposedly a Marxist. That is why I asked.
Like 15 hours ago
Byron Brunson
Byron Brunson
Byron Brunson
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Tim Reed
Like April 16, 2021
Byron Brunson
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Diane Gracely
LOVE this!!!
Like April 14, 2021
Byron Brunson
black women attack white postal woman for stimulus checks. fucking animals.https://nypost.com/2021/04/09/postal-worker-beaten-by-women-allegedly-looking-for-stimulus-checks/
Byron Brunson
fucking little pos budegegeeeee trying to be environmentally friendly by riding a bike a couple blocks. fucking liars. https://rumble.com/vfamev-pete-buttigieg-busted-trying-to-pull-off-bicycle-public... View More
Byron Brunson
Byron Brunson
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