This website is free to use to the public. Below are some guidlines for using the site. Basic but will be inforced.

1. Spam accounts will be terminated immediatley. This will normally apply to accounts that were set up for melicious intentions. Spam hurts everyone and can cause the shutdown of the entire site, or have the site blacklisted. Acutal pareticipating members will receive a warning with what the problem is. If continued, the account will be deleted and the user banned.

2. Posting or sending inappropriate photos. Everyone knows the difference between rgiht and wrong. Do not send inappropriate photos, comments, or suggestions. For example, nude or pronographoic photos. Complaints will be investigated and the user may lose their access to the website.

3. Stalking. Social networks have stalkers and they will be removed. Please act appropriatley.

4. Users who join the site simply to prey on other users wil be removed. An example is a user who sends very guy, or girl, a message telling them how interested they are in them after looking at their profile. the intent is to scam other members and willnot be tolerated. These users will be removed.

5. Hate speech. We do not censor people's opinions but hate speech and threats will not be permitted. Users may receive a warning or lose their accounts depending the incident.  Please be respectful of each other.